With the holiday season fast approaching it’s time to start thinking of gifts for your loved ones. it can often feel impossible to find the right gift for an outdoor enthusiast who seems to already have it all. Thankfully, we’ve rounded up our top picks for every type of adventurer.

For The Hands-On Adventurer: Wilderness Gloves

You know the one, the person who loves to get stuck in and be physically involved in the outdoor experience. (Let’s be honest, there’s a little bit of that inside all of us!) And what better gift is there than the gift of protection. The Wilderness Gloves make a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors, whether they like getting their hands dirty or not! 

Say goodbye to blisters, burns, cuts, and splinters for good with these extra durable leather gloves. Whether you’re hauling gear, collecting and chopping firewood, or cleaning up after your campfire, the Wilderness Gloves are comfortable enough for everyday use yet tough enough to resist abrasions, splinters, and blisters. Plus, the supple premium leather provides ample dexterity and grip in all conditions so there’s really no better companion for a hands-on adventurer!

* Note that Wilderness Gloves are currently only available in the US and Canada.

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Photography: Teddy Costco

For The Minimalist Explorer: Grill Kit

The Grill Kit is perfect for your friend or family member who loves camping and cooking but likes to keep things lightweight while in the outdoors. This ultra-portable grill packs down into two lightweight pieces that can easily slip into your backpack so you’re prepared for any adventure! 

Start your fire, assemble your grill and you’re ready to whip up a feast! (The recipient can thank you with a delicious campfire meal). Whether you're cooking up fresh fish on the beach after a successful spearfishing session, or grilling up some chicken and veggies at camp, the Wolf and Grizzly Grill is the perfect portable solution for the job.

* Note that Grill Kit also includes Fire Set (Ferro rod).


Photography: Hooké

For The Environmentally Conscious: Fire Safe

Did you know that campfires can cause long-lasting damage and have a huge impact on the natural environment? Even if you didn’t, you probably know someone who would. The Fire Safe helps you reduce your impact on the environment no matter whether you’re venturing into the backcountry or enjoying the warmth in your local park.  

By elevating the campfire, the Fire Safe reduces the amount of scorched ground left behind and gives you the freedom to enjoy a cozy fire (nearly) anywhere, anytime! Not only will this portable stainless steel fire pit keep your fire contained, but it also makes packing up a breeze thanks to its removable base. Your friend and the earth will thank you for years to come! 


Photography: Hooké

For The BBQ Obsessed Friend: Campfire Trio

Perfect for your friend who enjoys BBQs in the park, Campfire Trio is the ultimate set-up for that person you know who always insists on having a BBQ the second spring rolls around (even if it’s still 10°F). 

Combining the clever designs of Fire Safe and Grill, Campfire Trio gives your friend the flexibility to enjoy both a warming fire and a BBQ at the same time. Environmentally friendly, portable, packable, and efficient, maybe they’ll manage to convince you to whip out the grill next spring after all!

* Note that Campfire Trio also includes Fire Set (Ferro rod).


Photography: Hooké

For Car Camping Enthusiasts: Cook Set

Ever heard the saying “everything but the kitchen sink”, well this is the outdoor kitchen of dreams for the car campers in your life! The 9-piece Cook Set is designed to be used with the WG Grill for cooking directly over the good old campfire. Including a cutting board, griddle, hibachi grill, pot gripper, microfiber cloth, and rail system, this entire cooking kit conveniently fits into the 2L Pot. 

Cook Set is the perfect compromise for campers who want nothing but the best, but still don’t want to give up prized real estate space in their car or truck. The decision between forgoing a gourmet camp meal versus those comfortable down pillows is over. Everyone wins! 


Photography: Lewis Gillingham

Fire Starter Kit: For everyone!

Let there be light! Seriously, what better gift is there than the ability to easily strike a spark in even the toughest of conditions? 

Fire Starter Kit combines the original Fire Set with our brand new Spark Fiber. Fire Set is a super sleek, nested Ferro rod made of 100% ferrocerium that produces consistent sparks for up to 20,000 strikes. Spark Fiber is an ultralight, all-natural, long burning, water-resistant tinder which is specifically designed to ignite even in rain and at altitude when sparked alight by Fire Set! 

* Note that Fire Starter Kit is currently only available in the US and Canada.


Photography: Lewis Gillingham

Now that you’ve picked out the perfect gift for all your adventure buddies, why not pick something out for yourself? Go on, you deserve it! 

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