Backcountry BLT Breakfast Sandwich

Wolf and Grizzly Cooking Equipment 

Fire Safe, to contain the fire
Fire Set, to start the fire
Grill frame, to attach Cook Set
Cook Set, to cook the BLT


1-2 slices of bacon
1 English muffin
1-2 eggs
1 slice of tomato
Handful of arugula
Pepper Jack cheese, grated
Hot sauce, optional
Mayonnaise, optional


1. Start by getting a fire going in Fire Safe, attach the Cook Set rail system on the Grill frame and set the griddle and hibachi over the flames.

build a fire

Photography: Teddy Cosco

2. Add the bacon in straight away so the fat renders out as the griddle heats up. Once the bacon is crispy to your liking, remove and set aside.

Cooking bacon

Photography: Teddy Cosco

3. Crack a couple eggs into the griddle and fry in the bacon grease. You can use the lid to cook the top of the eggs a bit faster if you like your eggs less runny.

Cooking eggs

Photography: Teddy Cosco

4. In the meantime, toast the english muffin using the hibachi grill. Once the muffins are toasted and the eggs are fried, it’s time to assemble.

Toast English muffins

Photography: Teddy Cosco

5. I like to add a healthy dose of mayonnaise and hot sauce before adding the bacon, eggs, some grated pepper jack cheese, thick sliced tomato, and arugula.

Assemble the sandwich

Photography: Teddy Cosco
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